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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vernons visit KC for Christmas

Grandpa, Grandma, Chris, Alex, Abby and Ginger came to visit us in Kansas City to celebrate Christmas this weekend. We exchanged gifts, ate great food, and enjoyed each other's company all weekend. It was a great visit and we appreciate them making the trip!

On Saturday morning we all woke up early thanks to the kids, and opened all the goodies.

Connor was very excited about all the good stuff from Grandpa and Grandma and loved the awesome car track that Uncle Alex, Uncle Chris, Aunt Abby and Laura got for him. It isn't a simple thing to drive, but he really got the hang of it quickly. He had a blast playing with it, and when Daddy tucked him in to bed later that night he said "That race track is so cool." Definitely loved it.

Paige got all kinds of goodies too.

She got a fun baby tea set, and knew just what to do with it.

The family got all kinds of neat goodies, from everyone.

Everyone had fun playing with the Kinect system that Alex got for us. It was a fun game for a group and it was probably as much fun to watch people play as actually play.

Andrea and Abby playing a racquetball type of game.

After gifts were exchanged, we went to Buca De Bepo for a late lunch/early dinner. We stuffed ourselves with delicious food while Paige decided it was a good time to poop. Andrea changed her diaper the first time, and the second time Daddy had to. On the second poop, the diaper couldn't contain it all and it got all over her outfit. It was tricky business changing her diaper and outfit in a public bathroom. Everyone going through the bathroom probably wondered who Daddy was talking to in the handicapped stall (where the changing station was located).

Once we finished dinner we guessed it might be fun to see the lights on the Plaza and walk around a bit. We were wrong. It was frigidly cold, and the wind sucked all the warmth out of your body.

Everyone was frozen by the time we got back to the car except Paigie Pie. She was so bundled up that she got warm and fell asleep. She was so wrapped in blankets that you could hardly see her. One lady we walked by commented on the stroller "I'm guessing there's a baby somewhere in there".

Sunday, we woke up, goofed off and ate at McAlister's for lunch as the St. Louis Vernon's drove out of town. We love you guys!!

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Richard said...

We had a great time. The kids were great. Fun weekend.