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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paige on the steps and walking

Paige really wants to explore the house lately and if we don't block off the steps she's almost certainly going to try and climb them. You have to watch her really closely. We let her practice sometimes, and she actually climbs them pretty well unless she gets distracted. She gets in trouble on the steps when she decides to turn around.

Paige gets up the steps in this video with a little help from big brother.

She's also really walking on her own now. She can push herself to her feet from a sitting position without having to grab on to anything and she'll take up to five or six steps on her own.

Getting ready!

Very determined face.

Paige walks in this video. It's also neat to see her squat down and then stand back up without grabbing on to anything.

Paige's reward!!

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