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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Balance boy... just like Daddy!

On Saturday night, during story time, Connor said "Hey Daddy, watch this". He put his arms out to his sides and crossed one leg over and balanced for me. Obviously it was an amazing trick and I was astounded at his balancing abilities, but it also reminded me of a goofy picture of myself that I had in an old photo album. I dug it out last night and scanned the picture.

I don't remember any details about the picture, except what's obvious. First off, I was clearly a stylish guy. Two blue stripes on each sock? Heck yeah. Brown shoes with velcro straps? You got it. Hawaii T-Shirt tucked in to my shorts? Sweet.

I remember looking at that picture a few years ago and thinking: "What the heck am I doing there?". Now it's obvious that I was just showing off my amazing balance abilities. I'm glad my little man's got the same innate skills. It's in his DNA!

This morning he was doing it again so I got some better pictures.

Baby sister really wanted to get in the game too. She got her leg up with some effort.

They loved working on their balance and then looking at the pictures. I took a bunch and then a quick video of them goofing off. Connor loves to boss Paige around.

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Richard said...

Yes, you were a stylish guy - and a good balancer. Looks like Connor has those genes. Good strong legs are good for the hunter.