Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My darling Clementine

We've been listening to a kid's CD in the car a lot lately since it settles Paige down. We listened to it when Connor was a baby and hadn't listened to it for a year or two. Recently, he really enjoys listening to it, possibly more than Paige does. He was listening to the words to "Oh my darling Clementine" today and really was wondering about the story. He kept asking questions about the song and wanted an explanation about who Clementine was, who was missing her, where she went, etc.

From the words in the song, it sounds like she got a splinter in her toe and fell into some water. Connor decided that she sank to the bottom in her long blue dress but sharks and alligators didn't eat her. She was wearing a blue dress (like one Paige has) and she was married to a guy named James, who is singing the song. We had a long conversation about the song and he was very concerned about every detail he could think of. We got a long video of him discussing the song, but compared to the entire conversation it is actually pretty short.

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