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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Date night - Ghost tour in Old St. Augustine

Andrea and I went to Old St. Augustine on Friday for a date night. We ate at A1A Ale Works and enjoyed a beautiful view while we dined. Afterwards, we walked around for a little bit, but Andrea's leg was bothering her from a pinched nerve that she had somehow strained during her workout class. We were just trying to decide how to get back to the car when a lady rode by on a bike pulling an empty trailer. I flagged her down and she gave us a ride back to the parking garage where our car was.

We had been considering doing a horse carriage ride and right outside the parking garage there were a bunch of them lined up and waiting for customers. We talked pricing with a couple of them and one guy was getting ready to depart shortly with a couple on a ghost tour. He charged us twenty bucks each to tag along and we decided to give it a try. It was neat to do a different kind of tour of the area although it wasn't ideal. The canopy on the carriage would have been nice if it was raining, but on our night it just got in the way of the view. The tour focused on some murders and ghost sightings and was interesting if a bit silly. The tour guide was quite the character, however his story telling ability was a bit odd. He would skip around in the stories and wouldn't necessarily tell them when you were at the appropriate places that corresponded. It made it more confusing than it should have been.

In the end, it was a fun night and we were glad we went. We got a couple cute pictures afterwards and I wanted to post the one of us with the horse because you can see my feet. When we left the house, we were trying to get dressed, get the kids and babysitter situated, and decide where to eat. In all the commotion I forgot I was wearing my house slippers and didn't change in to my shoes. I probably looked silly walking around St. Augustine, but at least my feet were warm!

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