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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma come in town

This past weekend, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Vernon came in town to visit. We met them for dinner on Friday and then they came over to our house to see it. We (minus Paige, who was in bed) all played Snorta together, and Connor had so much fun playing with them. They stayed with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice at their house for the rest of the weekend, playing games and then we met them for dinner again today on Sunday. We went to Clark's Fish Camp, and got a really good table in the middle of the big room. Lots of animals to see and we all enjoyed it.

We're looking forwards to visiting with them often while they're in Florida. They are in Daytona Beach for the next few months and it's always fun having them so close. Love you guys!

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Richard said...

That was a neat restaurant. Food was ok, but the place itself and the view were very nice. Fun time.