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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Disney trip - Connor and Mommy with friends

Connor's school was out on Monday and Tuesday this past week so Connor and Mommy decided they would go to Disney! Andrea invited Gina and Janis and they brought their kids along as well. It was a fun group and Connor enjoyed experiencing the park with other kids. They went to the Animal Kingdom on Monday and stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The view was amazing from their room. There were giraffes that were right outside their balcony. Connor is at a stage where he loves animals so he loved it all.

Andrea took a bunch of great pictures throughout the trip and a video of their room too.

After the trip, I asked Connor about it to see what he'd say. I wasn't too surprised that his favorite part was the new stuffed animals he got!

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Richard said...

That lodge really looks nice.