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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

On Friday night, Paige and I got all dressed up and went to the Daddy Daughter Dance in our neighborhood. Mommy had a really cute dress made for Paige and it turned out super cute. I'd talked to Paige about the dance the night before and she was very excited for it all day. We snapped a few pictures of us together before we left.

Of course I had to get a cute picture of Paige with Mommy too since it was all thanks to Mommy that we looked so nice.

When we got there, we snacked on some goodies and then the music started and we danced a little bit. The DJ organized a few games like "hot potato" and another where everyone joined hands and tried to pass their bodies through hula-hoops. It looked like fun, but Paige was too little for most of it and was completely uninterested.

Paige did have a bit of fun dancing. Her initial dance moves consisted of spinning around in circles until she was dizzy, then falling and crashing in to people. I eventually broke her of that and she liked dancing.

Most of the night consisted of Paige pulling me from the dance area and towards the snacks.

Yummy! The snacks were definitely her favorite part. We had some chocolates, cookies and jelly beans. I had to cut her off after a few things or she wouldn't have left any for anyone else!

I really enjoyed our special time together. Paige is my wonderful beautiful little girl!


Richard said...

She is a cutie.

Richard said...

She is a cutie! And Mom and Dad are pretty good lookin too.