Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's day and Valentine's party!

On Valentine's day, we got the kids dressed up in their cute outfits for a quick picture before school. Paige wore the same dress she had on for the "Daddy Daughter Dance" and Connor wore a white shirt, black pants, and a cute red chevron bow-tie.

At Connor's school, the moms set up a brunch with all kinds of decorations and goodies. It was all very elaborate and a bit over the top. The kids were all supposed to dress up for the party and Connor thought he looked pretty sharp in his outfit. He tried it on for Mommy before the party and told Mommy that "All the girls are going to think I'm so cute!".

Connor smiled very nicely for his picture with his teacher Mrs. Hinton.

He had lots of fun with the other little boys there. He's made a lot of friends and it was fun to see him interacting with everyone.

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