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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grandma Alice's birthday at the Alligator Park

Grandma's birthday was today and we wanted to do something extra special for her this year since she's been so great with the kids and helped me pull off Andrea's surprise birthday weekend last weekend. I asked her what she wanted to do and she really wanted to do the zipline course at the Alligator farm in St. Augustine, so that's what we did today!

Grandpa Rick and Grandma went on the course through the park and I went with the kids in the park and watched them while they had their obstacle course adventure. Andrea had a birthday lunch with some of her girlfriends, so unfortunately she wasn't able to come with us.

The kids were good for me today while I took them around the park. They loved the kid zone and I took some funny pictures of Connor doing the monkey bars with the panorama feature on my phone. Kind of made a silly picture of a bunch of Connor's all stuck together.

I took a video of Connor doing the monkeybars too. You can hear a lady in the background raving about his monkey skills.

Grandma and Grandpa really seemed to enjoy the course. They were able to go at their own pace and there were obstacles as well as ziplines. I think there were 9 ziplines total and at least 40-50 platforms throughout the park.


After the park, we went to Barbara Jean's and gobbled up some meatloaf and fed the fish. The weather was a little cool today and rainy, but thankfully the only time we got rained on was when we were in the car. Worked out great!

Happy birthday Grandma! Love you!

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Richard said...

We had a really wonderful time with you and the kiddos today, and I know Mom loved it. Thanks for the zip line for mom and thanks for a great lunch - and thanks for being a great son!