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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surprise birthday getaway with Andrea

This weekend I surprised Andrea with a getaway to Fernandina Beach. I'd planned it all out a couple weeks ago and worked with Grandma Alice to get it all set up. During lunch on Friday I told Andrea the news and was happy that she was completely surprised. I was worried she'd suspect something, but I managed to keep it secret.

I'd done my research around the Fernandina Beach area, but once we discussed it with our friends in the neighborhood we realized I'd overlooked a couple really nice resorts that were a bit more to the south which hadn't come up when I did my Googling. On Friday night, when we arrived at the hotel I picked, we realized it was not very nice and we were able to get out of our reservation. We drove down the road and checked in very late at the Ritz Carlton instead. We were very happy that there were able to accommodate us on short notice.

The Ritz was amazing. Top notch facility, excellent service, classy all the way around. Saturday morning we walked on the beach, lounged at the pool and ate a lunch at their beachfront restaurant. There were lots of other things to do there and we didn't get to see it all but were very impressed with what we did see.

We would have been happy to stay another night at the Ritz, but BB&T had all their people in town for some conference and unfortunately they were booked up for Saturday night. We decided to try the Omni Plantation instead which was just down the road. It also was highly recommended by our friends. They'd just spent millions renovating the property and it was gorgeous. The decor was more what Andrea would pick out and the area was beautiful, but the service couldn't quite compare with the Ritz.

I took a panorama from our room's balcony.

Andrea took a panorama while we were sitting out by the pool.

For dinner, we went to Barbara Jeans to enjoy some sweet tea, pumpkin bread, meatloaf and coleslaw. We loved the fancy resorts, but appreciate some home cooking too!

Andrea had a blast and we think it worked out perfectly being able to see both resorts. We definitely plan to go back to the Ritz in the future.

Big thanks to Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick for helping me pull this off. I'm glad I was able to surprise my favorite wife and make her birthday special this year. She is my special lady and she deserves it!

I love you Andrea, you're my best friend and the love of my life! Happy Birthday!

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Richard said...

Glad it worked out. Looks like you chose nice places.