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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grandpa Garry and Grandma Genie come to visit

This past weekend, from Thursday until Monday, Grandma Genie and Grandpa Garry came to Florida to visit with us. The weather was a bit cool when they came down, but we had a lot of beautiful days together and enjoyed their company every day.

We went to Barbara Jeans a couple times and ate. On our first time there we ate outside and saw some dolphins jumping in the water. 

On Easter, we had an Easter egg hunt at the house and the kids loved finding the eggs. We took a few pictures together outside with Grandpa and Grandma. 

We got the kids some cute Easter baskets.

Grandma Genie was very cute about getting them some special Easter goodies. She got them some coloring books as well as a stuffed animal for each of them. There isn't much they love more than stuffed animals!

On Easter Sunday, we went over to Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick's house for a visit. Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Vernon had stopped by for the weekend and we were glad we got to see them again before they went back to Chicago. 

Grandpa Garry picked up a tennis game for Connor that had a big inflatable tennis ball. Connor really liked playing in the backyard over the fence. He beat both Grandmas at it and was actually pretty difficult to beat.

 Andrea made brownies for her parents' birthday and we all sang for them.

We were sad to see Grandpa and Grandma go on Monday. The kids loved having them around. Grandpa read to the children every night and colored and painted with Connor. Grandma was very sweet with them and spoiled them constantly with her attention. 

We already miss them, but are looking forwards to seeing them over Memorial day!

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Richard said...

Great seeing Garry and Genie again. It's been a long time. Wish them well.