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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sleeping Beauties

Andrea is typically the one that is good about consistently checking on the kids at night. I do too most nights, but sometimes I forget. It's always fun to check on them when they're sleeping, they are so peaceful, innocent, and adorable.

Connor typically has to have all of his animals surrounding himself. He always loves having his monkey "Iggy" close too. Very close. The other night when I checked on him Iggy was actually on top of his face.

Sometimes you'll find Connor in odd places. The second picture is a bit old, back from December, but you can see he decided it'd be cozy to sleep in his closet.

Paige has been a bit difficult to put to bed lately. Her routine gets more elaborate every night. Here are the current steps:
1. Brush teeth
2. Put on pajamas
3. Play "Princess" or "Mommy and Daddy" in the play room
4. Lie in bed and read books
5. Do comparisons - She loves when you ask her whether one animal is bigger than another, or "which is scarier a wolf or a lion", etc.
6. Sing songs
7. Tell stories
8. Kiss and hug good night, then you can leave the room
9. A few minutes later she will come out of her room and need another kiss and hug
10. A few minutes later she will need a drink
11. Now, she will turn on her lights and read her babies a book
12. After you tell her to go to bed again, you will likely find her in the bathroom trying to get a bandaid or another drink
13. Potty time - she will need help putting her pajamas back on and her night time diaper (only wears them at night lately)
14. Now, maybe, she will go to sleep

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Richard said...

Little angels when they are asleep aren't they? And pretty good when they are awake too.