Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mystery Reader and Challenge Folders

For Connor's classroom, they will occasionally have a "Mystery Reader". Andrea signed up for it last week and throughout the week they gave clues as to who the mystery reader would be.

A clue was given each day to the class.
Monday - I am someone's Mommy
Tuesday - I have a son and a daughter
Wednesday - I have long hair
Thursday - My son is in the class
Friday - My son's name starts with a 'C'

It had been a funny week because Connor asked Andrea a few times when she was going to be the mystery reader. It was fun to hear him talking about how they were trying to figure out which children's mommy would qualify based on the clues. On Friday, Andrea came to class and read them a couple of our favorite books. Andrea had fun as the mystery reader and I'm looking forward to doing it in December.

Andrea enjoys helping out in the class and has been volunteering 1-2 days/ week. She has been testing the children on their challenge folders and then staying for lunch with Connor. Connor loves having his mommy in the classroom and just lights up when he sees her come to his class. The kids are getting to know her well and she has been impressed with how well behaved and sweet his classmates are.

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