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Monday, October 21, 2013

Old St. Augustine Ghost Tour Trolley

On Saturday night, we went to Old St. Augustine with some of our neighborhood friends for a spooky October night out. I picked up Mark, Gina, Angel, Chris and Clara and drove everyone.

We ate at Casa Maya for dinner and then stopped in to a few of the nearby sweets shops. Dinner was OK, we were disappointed they didn't serve sweet tea or margaritas and wouldn't make chicken quesadillas for us. The sweets shops made up for it though. We stopped in to Bon Ami and were blown away by the delicious coconut macarons. I had to go to The Hyppo for a frozen popsicle. I got the chipotle peach, which was a weird combination of spicy and cold all at once.

We drove down the street to the trolley tour pickup point and got on the trolley for a ghost tour. The weather was cool and it was a perfect night for the ghost tour. Unfortunately, it was hard to hear what the lady was saying that gave the tour. We were in the back of the trolley and the volume was very low and even when the trolley was stopped and it was quiet, it was hard to hear what she was saying. It was especially hard to hear when the trolley was moving in traffic and people were talking.

After the tour, we went back to the sweets shops for some additional goodies and then went to the No Name bar for a few drinks and live music. It was a nice night out and we enjoyed the good company and the beautiful surroundings. The bar was right across the street from the fort and it was neat to experience the night life in Old St. Augustine with our friends.

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