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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shawn's new ride

This past week we decided it was time to get a new vehicle for me. Our 2006 GX has needed a few repairs lately and we were tired of putting more and more money into it. I've been super busy lately and Andrea was awesome about researching options and going shopping. On Thursday she went out all by herself, did some test drives, and negotiated the deal for our new (to us) vehicle.

We'd looked at a lot of options and ended up coming back to the GX again. It's a good size for our family and we really liked our old one. The new one is a 2013, it's a bit bigger than our old one, more spacious inside, and it's the newest vehicle we've purchased together. There weren't many for sale and when we've seen them available used they usually get snatched up quickly so I'm glad Andrea was able to find such a nice one locally. It's an awesome upgrade and I'm so proud of my sweet wife for doing so much work for me.

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Richard said...

That looks pretty spiffy. Nice ride, and nice to have a gal that will do all the research involved with that - not easy. You guys are a good team and that's what it takes to make a marriage work.