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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Trevor's 7th birthday party at Rebounderz

On Friday night we went to Trevor's 7th birthday party at Rebounderz. The kids jumped on the trampolines and played a bunch of games. It was an enormous area with all kinds of things to do and lots of children.

Paige was required to wear a helmet, which she wasn't crazy about.

Paige started out at the foam pit. She didn't quite get the idea of bouncing directly in to the foam, but she enjoyed herself with it.

Paige loved bouncing on the trampolines.

Connor did a lot of jumping and practiced a lot of tricks off the wall trampolines. He also did the dodgeball at one point, but it wasn't when we were watching so we didn't get any pics of it.

The cake was yummy!

Paige rode the motorcycle for a while, but got mad that she didn't get any tickets for prizes.

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Richard said...

That bouncy stuff looks like fun - and it looked like they were both having a good time with it. They are both pretty athletic.