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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Father's Day

The past week, after getting back from Odessa, has been very busy. It took a lot of energy to get caught back up with work, keep the kids active for their summer break, and adjust to a new routine at home. Andrea and I had been looking forwards to the kids being in KC so we could do some spring cleaning and relax. Instead, after our difficult trip to KC, we were more exhausted than ever. When the weekend rolled around, we spent Saturday and Sunday at home. It was nice to be home after being away for so long, and we swam and relaxed and actually got a bit bored.

On Sunday, Father's Day, the kids both gave me the handmade cards they created and Andrea got me a printed collage containing pictures of me with the kids over the last year. All were very thoughtful gifts.

Connor made his card all by himself. He doesn't tend to make them as colorful as Paige does, but I like all the details like our matching spiky hair. He even separates out the bodies from the legs now on his people, I like the curly toes on the shoes.

Paige had two cards for me. One was made at school with the help of her teachers.

The other was done all by herself. Even the writing! Again, I have my cute spiky hair and she pointed out to me that I have buttons on my "jeans" in the picture. She knows I like lots of colors in my pictures so the heart is extra colorful.

We ate lunch at Cantina Laredo, it's definitely one of our favorite places lately.

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