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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Connor's first I9 Flag Football game of the year - Dolphins

Connor's flag football started this past week with his first game against the "Broncos". Connor's team, the "Dolphins" have had a few practices and we think his coaches are really good. There are two of them and they definitely seem to know their stuff. They have worked on all kinds of flag pulling drills, running drills, passing drills, etc. The first game is always a learning experience, and I was really hoping Connor would have some opportunities to carry the ball and do his thing. I didn't need to be worried, his coaches seem to think he's a go-to player. The first three plays of the game went to Connor and he eventually ran for a touchdown on the first drive and first possession of the game. 

The team they played against had some athletic players and they matched him up against their #11 player who was definitely the best flag puller. He stalked Connor relentlessly and Connor had a hard time shaking all the defenders. I took some pictures and some videos, but was not quite as vigilant as always and only got one touchdown on video.

At the end of the game, Connor scored three touchdowns and also corralled the other team's running back and forced him into the end-zone for a safety. The Dolphins weren't able to convert any extra points and Connor ended up scoring all 20 of his team's points.

The Broncos did a really great job passing the ball. Although Connor got two interceptions, the Broncos managed a number of very good passing plays and on the last play of the game managed to tie it up. It was a little disappointing to end the game on a tie, but it was a good first game for both teams and Connor did all he could.

Paige, of course, enjoyed cheering on her big brother and looked cute and colorful in her "My Little Pony" jacket.

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