Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sporty Spice

Paige has been working on her tennis quite a bit lately. Andrea talked to the coaches at JCP and they decided Paige was ready to move up to a slightly more advanced tennis group. She's been to the clinic this past week and did well, although it took a little convincing. She was upset at first because she was worried they wouldn't do the kiddie games like the "animal game" and some other activities she likes. Thankfully once she arrived everything went well and she had a blast. The new class is an hour long, and it's a nice addition for her so she gets some more organized physical activity throughout the week.

Paige also had basketball at school recently and did pretty well during PE. She made a few baskets and was very interested in trying to practice at home. I lowered our basketball goal as low as it would go, and although she struggles to get the ball high enough, she does fairly well. She's been working on her dribbling as well and is able to keep it going for quite a while, although it's still hard for her when she's moving.

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