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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Friends, Football, Pizza... and a Wedding!

The Chiefs were playing in their first playoff game on Saturday night and we thought it might be fun to watch it with some friends. We invited the Tripps over and they also brought their son Nick's girlfriend Anna with them. We hadn't met Anna before, but we were so glad she came. Paige took an instant liking to her and Anna was so sweet and patient with Paige. Anna was like Paige's real life full sized princess doll.

Paige made Anna extra pretty with a tiara, a fancy leopard purse, a bow, jewelry, and then Paige did her hair. Paige knows hair product is good for your hair, so obviously to her, the more the better. I took some pictures as Paige applied conditioner, detangler, and a terrible amount of hairspray. I couldn't believe Anna let her do it all, I was cringing as I watched, but Paige enjoyed it and definitely believed it was an improvement.

Once Paige was done with her hair, Anna put on the peacock feathers and then Paige walked her down the aisle so she could marry Nick. I took a video of the brief ceremony. Paige wasn't particularly interested in the wedding. Possibly because it was actually the third or fourth wedding of the night, but it was the first with so many witnesses, so I suppose this one was the legally binding official one.

The boys watched the football game, and Connor and Nick played Madden mobile on their mobile devices and Madden 25 on the XBox 360.

It was a relaxing evening and I'm glad the Tripps brought their kids with them. Connor and Paige had a great time with everyone and I commented to Andrea afterwards that I couldn't believe how well everyone got along and behaved. Connor tattled a few times on the Tripp children when they said "C-R-A-P", but other than that it was a perfect evening.

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