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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Doubles Bootcamp - Amelia Island Omni

Andrea and I went to the Doubles Boot Camp at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation this past weekend. We had tennis scheduled for Friday afternoon, Saturday all day and for three hours on Sunday.

Unfortunately, rain was in the forecast for Friday and Sunday. Thankfully on Friday, the rain was cleared up by noon and we got to do all the scheduled tennis Friday. Saturday was a perfect day for tennis. It was a little cool in the morning, but it was beautiful outside and Andrea and I got put together with some good groups. The tennis pros are always entertaining and we both enjoyed all the drills. At the end of the morning session, Andrea and I partnered up and we did a game across four courts with everyone. Each court had a challenger side and a champion side. To take the champion side you had to win 4 points and to stay on the champion side you had to win 2 points. If you beat three challengers while you were the champion, you would move up to the next court and become a challenger on the higher court. We started as challengers on court #3 and eventually moved all the way up to be the champions on court #1. We beat a number of good teams and stayed as champions for quite a while. When the game ended, we were challengers on court #1 and we probably could have gotten back to being the overall champions again, but time ran out. It was fun to be successful together, we made a good team.

After the game was done on Saturday, Sal took a group selfie picture. Unfortunately a girl up front decided to give Sal some bunny ears with her fingers and blocked Andrea's face.

We enjoyed the Marché Burette Deli on the Omni property and ate there quite a bit for lunch. Unfortunately this time of year it's not open for dinner. We ate there for lunch on Saturday and then after tennis was done, we grabbed some ice cream and hummus before the cafe closed. We watched the Chiefs lose in their playoff game against the Patriots and then went to bed.

Sunday, it was rainy. They scheduled some indoor classroom type sessions and we felt bad for all the people that came in from out of town. I know a lot of them were bummed that the weather didn't cooperate and there were no indoor courts. Andrea and I talked to the pros and since they had another bootcamp scheduled for the following week, they let us plan to come back the next Sunday. We are looking forwards to getting in the last 3 hours of tennis time.

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