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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our week with Grandma Genie

Our week with Genie has been busy, difficult, and wonderful. We are so thankful that Genie took the time to come all the way to Florida to be with us and to help us through Andrea's surgery. Genie has been a huge help with Andrea and the kids. We've all had fun going on walks with her, going to lunches and dinners, and the kids have had so much fun. Genie is always good about thinking about what the kids like and what they enjoy. Genie took them to Target early in the trip and they've played with the toys they got and read the books that Grandma gave them. Grandma has played ping pong a bunch with Connor and done all kinds of girly things with Paige.

We went to Cinotti's for lunch during the week and today on Sunday we stopped in for some more goodies. As Andrea guessed, it reminded Genie of the bakery that her father would go to in Sedalia when they would visit.

One of the most fun moments of the week was the pet shop. Genie noticed that the kids are puppy crazy lately, talking about all kinds of different breeds and showing a lot of interest. She asked if there was a pet store around and we found a store Pet Land that had all kinds of pets to see and best of all they had a bunch of puppies. Although we were there today just to look, the staff were very nice about letting us play with some of the puppies. Puppies need lots of attention and the kids couldn't get enough of the energetic doggies. They played for a bit with a Jack Russel Terrier puppy and then with a very nippy wild poodle.

Although Grandma didn't really care for dogs, she knew the kids would love it and they did. The kids wanted to play with all the puppies in the store, but two was enough for one day, especially since we knew we weren't paying customers.

After playing with the puppies, we went to Barbara Jeans and had lunch while we watched the boats go by.

This Sunday was the first day the kids swam in the pool at our new house, thanks to Grandma Genie. She convinced them to go out and give it a try.

It's been a good week, and we are so thankful for Grandma Genie to be here for us and to spend time in our new house with us. We love her so much!

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