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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Splash Dance class with the PV Sharks!

Andrea signed Paige up for a dance class with the PV high school Sharks dance team. Paige was super pumped for the event and was excited to learn some real dance moves. Andrea dropped her off at the high school on Saturday for a few hours and Paige worked with the dancers to learn a routine that she'll be performing during an upcoming JV football game.

The girls also played some games together and had a few other activities for the day.

Andrea snapped a pic of Paige with her group and also bought her a little framed pic of her with the dance teammates.

When she got home, Paige said the song that they danced to was playing in her head all day and we'd always catch her practicing her new moves. We're looking forwards to seeing her perform!

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