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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor day - tennis and beach time with the family

This weekend was Labor day. We ended up with a four day weekend because hurricane Hermine came through Florida and everyone freaked out. Andrea's dentist canceled her Thursday appointment, businesses were closed Thursday and Friday and school was canceled for Friday. Thankfully the storm went to the north of us and while it got pretty windy and a bit rainy as the outer bands of the storm passed over us, it was mostly a non-event.

We really wanted to go out of town and enjoy our extended weekend, but unfortunately we didn't have anyone to watch Chloe. Not only was Chloe due for her shots, so we couldn't take her to a boarding place, but she had an upset tummy. Chloe messed in her kennel on Thursday night and I cleaned it up and didn't feed her anything until late in the day. Per Grandma Alice's suggestion, I made her rice and beef for dinner. It was the fanciest meal we've cooked in the new house and it was all for the dog.

Saturday morning, Andrea and I did the 9 and 10 o'clock clinics at the club and after we wrapped up, Andrea filled in for someone and did the second half of the Labor Day mixer. After she finished, we all went to lunch. Since Chloe was feeling a bit better, we took her to get her annual shots at the Shotvet. The kids came too, to learn all about it.

Sunday was a work around the house day. I'd planned to hang some mirrors, do some touch up painting, hang some pictures, and change out electrical switches and outlets. I started with the outlets and was trying to be very careful. I figured out how the three way switches and regular switches were wired and replaced a few. It was a slow process at times to find the right breaker in the garage. I'd have to turn on a switch, go to the breaker, guess at the poorly or non-labeled breaker, then walk back and check to see if I'd shut off the power. On one occasion in the master bath, I'd gotten the outlets to shut off, however the outlet in the water closet was on a different breaker than the rest. I figured that out when my left hand got a buzzing sensation when I touched the exposed wires. I shut off a whole bunch of breakers and got that one turned off finally. On another occasion, I'd shut off all the electricity in the master bedroom and was working on a switch when I got another shock. I hadn't thought about how the switch inside the master bedroom was actually controlling the lights in the cabana area. It was very slow progress and I was disappointed that I only managed to get the outlets done all day. Andrea brought me lunch, and I went out to dinner and then to Home Depot to pick up some additional outlets, but otherwise I was just working on it all day.

Monday, Labor Day, was a fun day. I got up and did the 9am clinic and then Andrea met me at the club at 10:30 and we did the Labor Day mixer. The first three rounds I got to play with Andrea and we played very well together. We had lunch at the club and then went to the beach and pool for a bit. It was a red flag day, so we didn't go past our ankles in the ocean, but we still had a great time.

After swimming, we dried off, took some pics of the kids with their towels wrapped on their heads, and then had some ice cream cookie and smoothies.

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Richard said...

Love the towel heads. Very cute.