Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Connor's A honor roll

Connor has been such an amazing student this year. He has adjusted well to having different teachers and is getting himself ready for middle school. Lately when I get up at 7am, I find Connor already awake. He has been setting his alarm at 6:30 and gets dressed, eats breakfast, brushes his teeth, gets his backpack and snack together, does his homework, and is all done by the time anyone else wakes up. Right when he gets up he wants me to fix his hair so he's all done and ready for the day. We've told him to relax and enjoy his rest this year, since next year he'll have to get up so early and he may as well enjoy his elementary school schedule while he can.

This past quarter Connor got A honor roll and he had 97% in Science and 100% in Language Arts, Social Studies and Math. He takes every opportunity to get extra credit, which helps, and he's such a motivated and hard working guy. We got him an LA Clippers Jersey to celebrate his success, we are so proud of Connor.

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