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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Marchette Burette for Andrea's birthday dinner - Steak Out!

On Saturday night, we all drove up to the Amelia Island Plantation to celebrate Andrea's birthday and to eat at one of our favorite restaurants Marchette Burette. When the weather was good, they do a Steak night on Saturday and Sundays, and the steak dinner is our favorite. We don't have it often, so it was a beautiful night to go out and celebrate and have some good food together. We had our favorite waitress Charlotte and a perfect table outside in the shade. There was a nice band playing in the gazebo across the pond, and we all came hungry and left completely stuffed.

After dinner, we played mini golf and it went about as well as normal. Connor played really well and had the lead for most of the time until he had one bad hole, then he quit trying and did terribly on the rest of the course. Paige started off trying, but since it's a difficult and frustrating game. After she had a few bad holes, she got very sensitive and pretty much gave up. We really shouldn't have even paid for her to play, but I'm hoping one day she'll get through a round of mini-golf. It definitely wasn't her day yesterday.

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