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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Principal for the day - Paige

Earlier this year, Paige was given a challenge at school to read a bunch of books and take tests on them to prove she'd read them. Paige and Andrea were super cute about creating a spreadsheet to track Paige's progress, checking out the appropriate books from the library, and working through it all. Paige got on a roll with it and blew through the entire assignment way before the deadline. For her prize, she got to be principal for the day, and she'd been looking forwards to it and was so excited.

On April 17th, Paige put on a cute professional dress and Mommy took her to school early so she could be on the morning announcements and pose for some pictures at the principal's desk with principal Van Housen. Paige was very excited too that her good friend Abby got principal for the day as well and they got to celebrate together. They were on the morning announcements, helped out at lunch duty, got pizza for lunch and ate with the principal. It was neat to see Paige so excited for her big day and to learn that hard work pays off.

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Richard said...

Now THAT's cute, and we're very proud of her accomplishments. Bright gal.