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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Grandma Genie in Florida with the kids

Grandma Genie came down last week and weekend to visit with us and to take care of the kids while Andrea and I went to Asheville. It was a busy week for Genie to be in town since the kids had their regular schedule of events like tennis, gymastics, and tumbling, but it was also the end of the first quarter and there were tests and projects to finish. In the mornings we went over the kids routines and how to fix their hair and get them ready for school, and it was fun for Grandma to see the kids in their school routines.

Grandma Genie is getting better and better finding her way around the area and she had to do a bit of driving to go to the bakery, the beach club, and the kids' school as well. On Wednesday, October 11th, she went to Paige's school to watch her run in the Turtle Trot fund raiser. The rest of the week was busy with studying and activities, but once the weekend rolled around they were able to relax and goof off together. Grandma Genie was cute about taking the kids to all the places they love to eat, shopping with them at Target for some special goodies, and baking her famous goodies with the kids. Paige and Grandma Genie did a lot of puzzles and games together.

Thanks for everything Grandma Genie, we love you!

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Richard said...

Always nice to have company come visit, especially family company.