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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Four Seasons with the Neals for July 4th

Saturday was July 4th and we went to Orlando to stay at the Four Seasons on Friday since I got the day off for the holiday. The Four Seasons has been closed since the COVID outbreak and they opened back up on July 1st. The Neal family also went for the weekend and it was fun to have some other adults to talk to and for the kids to play with.

The hotel did a very extensive job setting up precautions for COVID and we were pretty impressed that everyone was consistently wearing masks in Orlando. The hotel had checkpoints at all entrances where guests were scanned with an overhead camera system with a temperature reading. We saw lots of staff cleaning more than normal and they were all good about wearing masks, even outside in the heat. We avoided indoor areas as much as possible and spent most of our time outdoors at the pools and lazy river. We ate lunch at PB&G's on the 4th with the Neals, and we ate dinner at the outdoor seating for The Lobby Bar. The kids enjoyed hanging out with Owen and Charlie until it started raining in the afternoon on Saturday. "Hamilton" was released on Disney+ for the 4th of July and we watched it in our room on our Apple TV. It was a neat way to learn a little history on our nation's birthday.

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