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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Surf Camp - Saltwater Cowgirls

The kids went to Surf Camp this past week with the Saltwater Cowgirls. They typically just do camps for girls, but offered a co-ed camp last week so both kids were able to go. The kids love to play in the ocean, but they've never tried surfing before. Andrea had heard good things about some of the local surf camps and had done some research on it. She was excited for them to experience it, but neither one were very interested beforehand. They both were a little nervous to be out very far in the ocean and were not looking forwards to it.

We were happy to hear that after the first day they both loved it. They looked forward to the camp all week and actually asked to surf over the weekend too. On Thursday I took my camera to the beach and snapped a few pics and a couple videos. Unfortunately while I was there, the waves weren't great and I didn't capture their best moments, but still got a few nice pictures.

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