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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Paige's Level 7 Orange Ball Tournament at Bartram

This morning I took Paige to Bartram High School for a Level 7 Orange Ball tennis tournament. There were 6 girls in her division and they were all pretty experienced and solid players.

Paige started off against a very sweet girl that she's played before named Molly. They split the first two sets and then played a 7 point tiebreaker. Paige had the lead at 5-4 but unfortunately lost the next 3 points and lost the match. She was pretty upset but jumped right in to the next match. She ended up winning 1 of her 3 matches today. Paige had a wonderful attitude and was working on her 4 F's: Footwork, Focus, Form, and FUN!

I don't think orange ball plays to Paige's strengths and we're getting closer to getting enough orange ball tournament points that she could move up to green ball. Orange ball has a smaller court, so although Paige is able to direct the ball around the court fairly well, it's such a small court and the ball moves so much slower that it's hard to really hit it away from your opponent without hitting it out of bounds. Paige is super fast too, so I'm pretty sure that once she moves up to green ball it will be good for her.

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