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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Top Golf with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice

On Sunday we met Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick at Top Golf for a couple of hours of golfing fun. The previous week, Connor finished his third golf camp week and Paige finished her second. They both have been enjoying the golfing and are always begging to go to Top Golf so they can practice what they've been learning. I was excited to go too and try out some things I'd been instructed on during my private lesson a couple of weeks ago.

Grandpa golfs from time to time with his friends, and he did pretty well hitting the ball consistently. Grandma has never hit a golf ball before and it was fun seeing her try to figure it out. She started with a pretty unconventional grip, but she figured it out pretty quickly and by the end of the first game she got quite a few points and hit a few balls pretty far.

We got some snacks and Paige was pumped that they had their injectable donut holes available this time so we got to try them out. They were pretty messy, but we actually thought they were super yummy.

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