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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Four Seasons Orlando weekend

This weekend we drove to Orlando to enjoy the Florida Resident Rates while they last. The Orlando area is still pretty quiet due to the pandemic and while we haven't traveled much we definitely feel like the Four Seasons has done the best job of putting in place meaningful precautions and keeping everything clean. 

We did a complimentary full swing golf clinic together as a family and maybe because our expectations were low, we were very surprised at how much we al enjoyed it. The instructor watched our rookie swings and for each of us he made great suggestions. We all saw marked improvement in the hour we spent at the driving range and I was blown away that the ball actually went where I was aiming it and I probably made decent contact 75% of the time which is way better than average for me. Andrea and Paige did a nice job taking pics and videos of everyone thankfully because I was very focused and forgot to do my part with pics.

We enjoyed eating lunch at the golf club restaurant and although it tended to rain in the afternoons, we still got to go swimming and enjoy the amenities. Paige and Andrea went to a tennis tournament on Saturday and we enjoyed our three nights at the hotel and resort.

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Richard said...

Looks like good form to me. I know my swing is more like a chimp throwing a banana.