Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Paige and Graydon on Roblox


Paige and Graydon have been cute about playing online together quite a bit during the pandemic. This past week Paige was telling me about her latest build that she and Graydon were working on in Bloxburg. She invited me to join their world so I could see it and I joined their server and also the Facetime call they had going. 

Paige and Graydon went to their desks and I went in to their four story hotel. Paige had a large desk downstairs in the lobby and she checked me in to their fancy penthouse room on the 4th floor and then I took a tour with her. After my tour I went to the second floor to check in at the restaurant with Graydon and they sat me by the window. There was also another customer that came through and also was seated. We ordered our food and the kids brought me a few things to eat and drink. They were both having fun with their roleplaying and I love how well they get along. Paige has gotten creative within Roblox and actually paid extra on the "Welcome to Bloxburg" game so she could have advanced building and placement options available. 

Cute cousins!

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