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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, January 22, 2021

Palmetto Bluff visit with the Neals

On Thursday, January 14th 2021, we drove to Palmetto Bluff for a weekend with some friends. Shortly after we arrived, some rain swept through and the weather got cold. Despite the cold, we enjoyed a lot of time outdoors. We went on walks, bike rides, played at the park and treehouse, played tennis, pickleball, and basketball. 

We had lunch a couple times at Buffalo's, lunch at Octagon, and dinner at Cole's BBQ for dinner. We endured the cold for the lunches, but we decided to try and eat indoors for dinner at Cole's, it was the first time we'd eaten indoor since March of 2020. Hopefully we don't regret it!

We enjoyed a lot of ice cream at Melt and we went twice to the s'mores fires. Paige and Owen enjoyed the food and really enjoyed burning up the sticks.

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