Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Friday, January 22, 2021

Tennis turning point with Connor


Yesterday I played tennis with Connor and for the first time he absolutely beat me. In the past, if we played singles, I'd play the entire width of the court including the doubles alleys. Recently Connor's gotten good enough that we play real singles tennis and while I have always beaten him, he came very close a few times and won a set here and there against me. Yesterday was a whole new experience though, although we had some close games, he beat me 6-1 the first set and was ahead 5-1 the second set when we quit. I couldn't believe how well Connor's covering the court and his decision making and shot selection is also hard to beat. 

I always tell Connor that one of the reasons I love to play tennis against him is that I win no matter what. If I beat him I'm happy because I won. If he beats me, I'm happy because I'm so proud of him. Great job Connor!

For reference, the picture I'm posting with this was from our trip to Palmetto Bluff the week before and Paige took it.

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