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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Welcome home Millie Mae!


Today was an exciting day! Millie Mae finally got to come home. It feels like we've been waiting forever for the day and we could barely sleep last night. We got to the breeder a little after 10am and the process to sign paperwork and give final payment was pretty quick. Millie Mae did a good job on the way home and didn't have any accidents and didn't get carsick. Andrea and Paige split time holding her and although she was a little squirmy she was very good.

After we got home we let her sniff around in the driveway for a couple minutes and she peed on the pavers, so that was nice that she'd held it until she was done with the car ride. We took her inside and played for a little while, took a family photo, and then we put her in her kennel before we went to lunch. The kennel is still a bit of a work in process, but it's got a pee pad in it and just as we were getting in the car she went pee and poop on it. Paige was a brave girl and cleaned up after Millie Mae and then we went to lunch. We checked up on her while we were at lunch on a camera we setup and she did fine once she settled down. She got in a good nap and when we got home, she was ready to play!

We spent the rest of the day playing with Millie Mae, working with her on a system to use the puppy pad, and just getting to know each other. Millie Mae has a cute little round body and an affectionate personality. She got tuckered out a few times and really liked sitting with Andrea on the rocking recliner wrapped up in the soft blankets. We tried going on a walk, but I let her sprint a few times and she ended up barfing after a couple hundred yards, I ended up carrying her home. She did not enjoy her bath, did enjoy her food, and by the end of the day I think she used the puppy pad in her kennel to pee four times in a row. Not bad Millie Mae!

We took a number of videos throughout the day and I put them together without any editing, so it's a bit long and silly.

Looking forwards to lots of fun with our cute little puppy!

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