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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Connor's 14th birthday party - Top Golf with friends

On Friday, February 26th 2021, we celebrated Connor's 14th birthday a few days early. Connor invited his friends Jackson, Charlie, Carter, Quinn to come over to the house to play some basketball in the driveway and then we all went to Top Golf for some fun and food. 

The kids enjoyed the basketball possibly as much as the golf. They played 1v1 for a while and then 2v2 when more boys arrived. Paige enjoyed sitting out with Millie Mae and watching the boys until her friend Abby showed up. Paige invited Abby to come along with us so she'd have someone to hang out and talk to instead of a bunch of stinky teenage boys.

Top Golf was as fun as always and this time we were on the 2nd level. We hit a million balls, everyone got some food, and Andrea ordered Connor a bunch of cupcakes from a local bakery. We spared Connor the embarrassment of everyone singing for him, but Andrea brought some special candles for him so he could still make a wish and blow out the candles.

Happy birthday Connor!


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