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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Life with Millie Mae, the Kitty-Puppy

We've had our Millie Mae for three weeks now and she's definitely a part of our family. She is quite a bit of work and definitely has her own unique personality. She is sweet, playful, smart, and cuddly. She is also mischievous, stubborn, uninterested in training and a little gross. She's come a long way over the last couple of weeks and is getting better about using her puppy pads in the house; although she still enjoys using the carpet for no apparent reason from time to time. 

We play with her a lot during the weekends and in the evenings, but during our school and work days, we haven't decided what to do with her yet. I've been trying to train her to stay in my office on the bed where I can see her during work and we're using a training collar. Paige had been taking her up to her bedroom during some schooldays, however Paige wasn't able to watch her while she was doing her work and Millie Mae used the carpet instead of the puppy pad a few times without Paige noticing. We tried to clean it up with some normal cleaning supplies, but ended up having to buy a carpet cleaning machine and the kids worked with me to deep clean Paige's carpet. Millie does spend some time in her kennel when we're busy,  but she definitely doesn't spend as much as Chloe ever did and much less than most dogs. 

We've taken her out on walks a few times and she does not enjoy it yet. She whines and wants to be picked up immediately, but will walk along with you if you insist. She will cry the entire time though. I took her out on a somewhat longer walk on the golf course the other day and she seemed to enjoy it at times. We even went for a jog in the grass and I think she liked to run. 

We took her out with us to restaurants a few times and she has been very well behaved, sitting in our laps, or on a chair, while we eat.

Millie Mae mostly enjoys wilding out in the evenings, biting everything around her, zooming around the family room, and hiding under the couch. We call her our "Kitty-Puppy" since she likes to hide under things like a kittycat. 

Grandma and Grandpa came over on Sunday, February 7th, and played with Millie and watched the Chiefs lose in the Superbowl with us.

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