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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Andrea's COVID-19 Recovery

Andrea had been feeling a little off for a few days and on Saturday she decided to take a COVID test that we had at home. I almost discouraged her from taking it because they were hard to come by and she only had some light allergy symptoms. Andrea put the Q-Tip in her nose and then I put it in the reagent, folded the card over to start the test and I was pretty surprised that within a minute a very solid "Positive" line started to appear. The directions are very clear that even a faint line is positive and the line on her test was very dark and clear. We opened another test from a different package and after running it, it also came back positive. We tested everyone and everyone else came back negative so we isolated Andrea away from us and scheduled a test at Mayo Clinic for Sunday morning. Andrea went in first thing on Sunday morning and that test eventually also came back positive. I went in that same day and my Mayo test came back negative as well. 

Andrea's positive test is obviously very surprising. We are all vaccinated and Andrea actually went in and had gotten her booster (3rd) COVID vaccine on Thursday August 26th 2021. I was pretty certain that the symptoms she was feeling were due to the immune response from the booster shot, but obviously I was wrong. Andrea's been doing well so far and on Monday August 30th, she went in to the Mayo Clinic to get a monoclonal antibody treatment, which was recommended for high risk patients. She had an IV for an hour and then had to wait another hour afterwards. 

We have been wearing masks around the house and have divided up different rooms to try and keep everyone else healthy. Paige was feeling some allergy symptoms so we took her through the Mayo Clinic drive through testing yesterday (9/1/2021) and that test came back negative as well. So far Andrea's done well and is feeling better already. She's had some ups and downs and it's definitely been a stressful week, but I'm thankful that she's such a tough girl and has been positive and strong through this. 

Andrea's been a little stir crazy and has taken some long walks and gotten in the pool a few times. Millie Mae has been crazy about the pool and enjoyed swimming with Andrea and keeping her company.

A little additional backstory to the COVID pandemic, it had gotten much better in the early summer but things have gotten worse lately. Mask mandates had been lifted, vaccination rates were increasing, and things seemed to get back to normal for a few months. I think it was right when we got back from our Adventures by Disney vacation that things started to change. There's a new Delta variant that is apparently much more infectious and the hospitals are filling up again. Most of the severe cases have been in unvaccinated patients and we actually know a few people that have recently been hospitalized and in pretty rough shape. Vaccinated people are also getting infected, however most of them tend to have less lethal outcomes. There are stories of multiple additional variants around the globe and it is not looking good for things getting back to normal any time soon.

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