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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Gobles Visit - Amanda, Ryan and Graydon

December 10th, late Friday evening, the Gobles arrived for a brief weekend visit. Their main goal was to check on their new house's construction and to make sure everything looked good and was progressing as planned. It was also a beautiful weekend for their visit so we made sure to plan some outside fun while they were in town. 

The kids played outside quite a bit with Graydon. Paige got some of her younger neighborhood friends together and they all ran around on the golf course and up and down the street together. Connor played football with Paige, Graydon, and Millie. 

We went out to Rivertown to check on the Goble's home and it looked pretty good, although it sounds like the builder hasn't made a ton of progress lately.

Paige and I have found a nearby Ramen restaurant and went with Ryan on Saturday evening. We enjoyed some ramen, dumplings, and an Asian pancake dessert.

Sunday evening we went to Old St. Augustine for dinner at A1A Ale Works Restaurant & Taproom and then we took a short golf cart ride around downtown to see all the Christmas lights. 

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