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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Magic Kingdom - Christmas Visit 2021


This past weekend we decided to take a quick trip to Orlando on Saturday and went to the Magic Kingdom. We went to Disney World earlier in the year but went to all the parks except for Magic Kingdom. We like to go to the park when it's decorated for Halloween and Christmas and we were excited to go on a weekend that was supposed to be nice and cool. We drove in on Saturday morning and stopped at Uno's for lunch before heading to the park. We had to go to a different one that normal since the one closest to Disney is permanently closed as there's a new road going right through where it used to be. 

At the park, we tried to make sense of the new phone app and the Genie system. It was confusing and buggy, also cost $15 extra per person for the Genie plus option. After our first ride, somehow Connor's account didn't get checked in right and we had to wait in a line with a customer service person to figure it out. On our next ride they wouldn't let us through and contradicted what the customer service person told us. We stood our ground and eventually it worked out, but super painful process especially after paying extra for it.

Overall it was a great day at the park. We got a little hot and it was most crowded in the early afternoon hours but it eventually cooled off and was pleasant. We pretty much rode everything we'd hoped to, except for Space Mountain which appeared to be closed for maintenance. We stayed pretty late, almost to closing time, before heading to the hotel. Sunday morning we slept in and drove home, nice short visit!

On the way home I had everyone list off three of their favorite parts from our visit, in no particular order. Connor wrote them down so I could put them on the blog.


  1. Cinnamon roll
  2. Splash Mountain with Paige
  3. Family time


  1. Snow White 
  2. Uno’s
  3. Thunder mountain


  1. Food
  2. Splash mountain with dad
  3. Family time


  1. Turkey leg
  2. Cinnamon roll
  3. Pretzel

Merry Christmas!

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