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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Martha's Vineyard Summer Visit - Andrea and Shawn

While the kids were at summer camp, Andrea and I wanted to go away on a fun adult trip together. As it's getting hot in Florida lately we decided it would be nice to go somewhere cooler and we've always wanted to visit the Northeast. Andrea found a few nice places to stay in Martha's Vineyard and after we made some reservations she was chatting with her friends, Tara and Michele, and found out that they were going to be there during the same time. We had reservations for first half of our visit at the Harbor View Hotel and on Saturday we had reservations at The Sydney.

Our flights on Wednesday were super early in the morning and our alarms got us up at 3am, so we could get through security and be sure we were on time for our flight. The flights were quick and we arrived at the tiny Martha's Vineyard airport before noon. The airport was the smallest we'd ever been to, we went down a ramp off the plane on to the runway. The airport was so small that it didn't even have a luggage carousel, just some doors they opened and dropped the suitcases through. After a short Uber ride to Edgartown, we checked in at our hotel and then walked to town to find a place for lunch. We grabbed some sandwiches at Rosewater Market and ate outside while enjoying the cool weather.

After lunch we went shopping for a bit and in the evening we met our Florida friends at The Seafood Shanty for dinner. It was wonderful to see everyone and I hadn't seen them since before COVID and since they'd moved to the Melbourne area. After dinner we walked around town and then down to the lighthouse that was just outside our hotel.

On Thursday, Tara picked us up in Edgartown and took us on a driving tour of the island along with Michele and Bill. Tara and her husband Tom used to live on the island and it was a blessing to have someone that knew all the interesting places to go. Tara drove us to the three corners of the triangle that made up Martha's Vineyard. We stopped at the Aquinnah Cliffs Overlook and took some pics with the Gay Head Lighthouse before driving up to Oak Bluffs for lunch at Linda Jean's. We did a little shopping in Oak Bluffs and then Tara dropped us off back in Edgartown in the late afternoon.

Friday morning we borrowed some bikes from the hotel and rode out to the Morning Glory Farm in the hopes of finding some of the big cookies that we'd heard about. Unfortunately, the baked goods were a bit picked over and none of the cookies looked great to Andrea. She decided she wanted a small loaf of banana bread, but all the small loafs were sold out so she ended up buying a big one, which we've been snacking on ever since. I got the best bowl of potato soup I've ever had along with a roll and we enjoyed our goodies out on the rocking chairs on the farm's front porch.

The next couple of days we did a similar routine which consisted of lots of walks, bike rides, shopping, and trying to decide which restaurants to try. We took the ferry over to Chappaquiddick and biked out to the Japanese garden. We'd planned to go by the infamous Kennedy bridge, but sadly forgot.

Saturday was our 18th wedding anniversary and we celebrated with dinner at Lucky Hank's. I had meatloaf with potatoes and Andrea had a salad. Dessert was banana pudding with ice-cream and it was delicious.

Sunday was Father's Day and n the morning we took an Uber out to Oak Bluffs where we did a little shopping and had empinadas and nachos at the Ritz Cafe. The weather was cool and cloudy with light rain that was a little annoying but never enough to get us very wet. We had planned to get an Uber to take us back to Edgartown, but decided we'd start walking that way for a little exercise and because we figured that every step we took in that direction would reduce our Uber bill. I fully expected that we'd get tired of it and we'd get an Uber, but we ended up walking the entire six miles back to our hotel. In the evening we went to Tara and Tom's house they're renting for surf and turf, and celebrated Father's Day. Michele, Bill, Tara's kids, Tara's mother, and some of their friends that live in the Northeast were also there for dinner. The swordfish and steaks were fantastic and it was so generous of them to invite us to be together on Father's Day.

Our flight home was Wednesday morning on the 22nd. We enjoyed our visit to Martha's Vineyard and while I don't believe it's somewhere we'll visit every year, I would love to go back and visit again.

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