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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Graydon's Birthday Celebration at the Club and Sleepovers

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we decided to stay around town this year for it. On Saturday we met the Gobles at the beach club to celebrate Graydon's birthday a little early since it was during the upcoming school week. We gave him his gift, a boogieboard, and he had a lot of fun using it in the waves. It was a perfect beach day with a yellow flag and lots of nice waves that weren't too scary.

Paige and I built a sand castle, which wasn't super fancy because of the consistency of the sand, but it was large and had a moat that went all the way around. As soon as we finished and walked away, all of the kids lurking nearby flattened it in to a big mound and had fun with it as the tide came in. Connor's friend Robert joined us and the two of them were not around a lot as they went for walks on the beach, probably entertained with everyone there as it was a busier than normal weekend with the holiday.

After our time at the beach, we swam at the pool for a bit and then Paige went to the Gobles' house for the weekend and the rest of us went home and cleaned up before heading over to Robert's house for a BBQ. Connor hung out with a bunch of the kids at the BBQ and Andrea and I caught up with some friends before heading home. Connor stayed the night and went out with Robert and his dad on a boat on Sunday. They were also joined by one of our tennis club's pros and some of his college friends, so they had quite an entertaining day out on the boat.

Paige enjoyed her weekend with the Gobles, especially since Graydon got an early birthday gift from Grandma Delisa that he was able to share with everyone. He got a huge inflatable water slide play set and the Gobles are probably the most popular house on the block now, it sounds like all the kids around came to try it out and Paige had a bunch of little girls following her around that she called her posse. 

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