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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Labor Day Weekend Orlando - Four Seasons

Saturday, on the Labor Day weekend, we went to Orlando for a family weekend together. We stopped at the Uno's that's on International Drive since the one we usually go to near Disney Springs is now closed and that area's been bulldozed for some new construction project. After checking in, we went to the pool to enjoy the amenities while we could. This year especially, it seems to rain and storm every afternoon or evening. 

I'd had a dark spot on my cheek removed and had to wear a bandaid all weekend. Connor was a bit uncomfortable since his skin's a little irritated with his Accutane medicine. He's been on it now for eight weeks and recently had upped his dose. His lips are dry and over the weekend his skin was a bit red all over. He kept his shirt on and stayed in the shade most of the time we were at the pool. 

Saturday afternoon we played volleyball at the Hideout and went around the lazy river a bunch. We got some snacks by the pool and then enjoyed watching the US Open in the room in the evening. 

Sunday morning we slept in, went to lunch at PB&G's, and then enjoyed the resort the rest of the day. We'd intended to stay the night, but as it was getting rainy and we'd already done most of the things we wanted to do, we drove home on Sunday night so we'd have a full day at home on Monday. Overall, we had a wonderful time goofing off with the kids and enjoying our family time together.

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