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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Rainy Weekend - Park with Griffin


It's been raining a bit every day for the last few weeks, which is kind of typical this time of year, but seems like it's super consistently rainy in the afternoons lately. It's cooling off a little which is wonderful, and the yellow flies seem to be less prevalent, but the rain has been limiting our outdoor enjoyment. On Friday, Amanda and Griffin came by the house to hang out in the afternoon and we rode to the park on our golf cart. Paige and Millie had fun chasing Griffin around the playground equipment and we all took some turns on the swings too. Paige went to the Goble's house for the weekend and had a lot of fun going to Graydon's flag football game and hanging out with their 4 year old neighbor girl Viv. 

The rest of us were home this weekend, I took Millie Mae on a long walk, and we also finally got our new basketball goal put in for Connor. The old one had a damaged base and blew over recently in a storm and we decided to get a more permanent setup.

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