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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Easter in Amelia Island with Graydon and Amanda

This past weekend was Easter and we rented a small condo in Amelia Island for the weekend. As the weekend approached, we considered canceling our plans because the weather looked awful. Originally it looked like rain was going to start on Saturday morning and last all through the weekend. As the weekend got closer, the rain was still in the forecast, but was anticipated to start a bit later on Saturday. We couldn't get a refund on the rental so we decided to make the best of it and try to get in some fun activities before the rain. We went up on Friday and before it got dark we played pickle-ball and then met up with Amanda and Graydon at our rental unit. We threw the football around in the grass until we were given access to the condo and then we moved in our stuff and got comfortable. In the evening we went to Marche Burette for steak dinner and then played some mini-golf.

It rained a little overnight on Friday, but was dry enough in the morning for me to go to tennis clinics at 9 and 10. I met everyone at Marche Burette for lunch and then we went to a local park to play pickle-ball for a little while. In the afternoon we went to Amelia's Wheels for our scheduled Segway tour. We figured the rain would have started by 3pm, but thankfully it was still dry. We sat through a safety video and then we all got on our Segways to get comfortable with them inside before going through some maneuvers in the parking lot. Once we all passed some simple tests around some cones we were taken out on the trails and roads around the resort for our tour. I was impressed with how quickly everyone picked up on how to use the Segways and we all did well and were naturals. 

After our Segway tour, I went on a walk on the beach with Millie Mae and Connor went on a walk too. Amanda and Graydon decided to head home in the evening and the rest of us headed to Wicked Bao for dinner. In the morning we slept in, had breakfast so we could have one last meal at Marche Burette, and then we headed home. It had started raining in the evening on Saturday and the rain was going to be persistent all day Sunday and Monday, so we thought we'd enjoy our time more at home. I wish the rain had missed us over the weekend, but it was still fun and I'm glad we decided to give it a try. Having Amanda and Graydon join us made the weekend special and it was also our first time traveling with Millie Mae. Millie seemed a little confused about what was going on, but she was having a good time and Amelia Island is pretty dog friendly, so it was a perfect first trip for us to travel with her.

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