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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Paige's Second Track Meet - Bishop John Snyder HS

Paige competed in her second track meet this Saturday morning at Bishop John Snyder HS. She was scheduled to run in the 100 meter event, the 4x100 relay, and in the 200 meter sprint. It was a sunny and warm day out and I baked even under an umbrella in the stands. I brought my Nikon to the event, but I thought that videos would be more interesting while Paige was running, so mostly focused on taking videos when she was competing. 

Paige improved her time very slightly from her last track meet in the 100 meter event. She ran 14.21 in the last meet and improved to 14.12. Paige finished 17th of 63 overall.

For the relay, Paige ran the third leg of the relay and her team finished in third place. Paige received a third place medal afterwards and was pleased with their performance. After we got home and checked the times, we realized that her team actually finished in second, as the first place team didn't complete their second baton handoff within the space required and they were disqualified. 

I got a few pics of Paige with her teammates stretching before the relay, but not many photos. Paige's friend Saylor snapped a pic of Paige with her coach afterwards. His name is actually Coach Speed, a perfect name for a track coach.

We ended up leaving before the 200 meter event, as Paige needed to get ready for the party and the track meet was running way behind.

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