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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Paige's 13th Birthday Party - 2023


This year Paige turned 13 and she was lucky enough to have her birthday fall on the weekend, on Sunday. Paige wanted a sleepover with friends, so we invited them to come over to celebrate a day early on Saturday. In the afternoon on Saturday, after her track meet, Paige put on the cute dress that Andrea picked out with her, and Paige did her hair and makeup. She is always beautiful, but she was extra pretty for her party and her friends that came to celebrate with us also enjoyed putting on cute dresses and getting dolled up for the evening. Of course we took a bunch of pictures, and it was hard to pick out the best ones, so there are quite a few pics on this post as a result.

Four of Paige's friends came over for her birthday celebration: Raquel, Saylor, Sadie, and Ella. 

We went to Town Center to the Sugar Factory for dinner. Andrea had gone years ago when she was in Vegas, and the restaurant just opened recently in our area so it seemed like a perfect place to try for Paige's birthday celebration. They had quite a few cute areas for pictures and the girls all enjoyed posing for pics.

The restaurant was nicely decorated, and we had a table right in the middle. Paige sat at the head of the table, and we let all the girls pick a "mocktail" and we ordered a bunch of different dishes to sample together. 

The girls all ran around after we finished our food, taking pics, and making Tik Toks, and then they brought out the banana split with a sparkler for dessert and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Paige.

After dinner, the girls went shopping and they had fun running around Town Center and in to all the shops. Andrea caught up with them a couple times and snapped a few pics of them together.

When they got home, we warmed up the hot tub, set out some snacks, and then Paige opened some presents before they all got changed for swimming. 

I think Millie had the most fun swimming with everyone, but unfortunately she kept jumping on people and scratching them. She also couldn't contain her excitement and wouldn't stop barking, so we had to put her inside eventually. The rest of the girls had a great time in the pool. They played volleyball for a little while, and then eventually spent most of their time playing on the inflatables together. We expected them to stay out for thirty minutes or so, but they swam for a couple of hours and had a lot of fun.

After the girls all got dried off and cleaned up, they watched a movie together in Paige's room before falling asleep. In the morning, Paige made cinnamon rolls for everyone and then they all headed home. 

Paige's birthday turned out better than we expected. The forecast for the weekend had lots of rain, and it did rain on the girls for a little while before dinner, but after that the sky cleared up and they had nice weather the rest of the time. Paige's friends were all sweethearts and we are happy that they all showed up to celebrate with our girl. 

Happy 13th Birthday Paigie May!

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